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2 months ago

SDA bolt is one of the most commonly used anchoring techniques around the world

Self drilling rock bolt - Most commonly used in tunnel building and reinforcement, these long bolts work to increase a structure's stability. With a unique physical appearance and three specific anchoring types, a SDA bolt is one of the most commonly used anchoring techniques around the world.

All Sinorock Self drilling Anchor utilise a small diameter greased filled high density polyethylene sheathing, allowing for a greater number of individual strands to be contained in a given drill hole size.

Self drilling anchor is the core product of Sinorock.It is a reliable and convenient anchoring system which is applied in complicated geological conditions for rock support work. It is particularly applied in the following geological conditions, such as weathered rock, gravel layer, backfill, hard conglomerate, gravel layer, etc.We has advanced rock bolt production lines,accessories processing equipments and an entire set of rock bolt testing equipments, Sinorock has great advantages in Self drilling anchor.

As a valued distributor for a wide range of industry leading and recognized manufacturers, we focus on adding value with every Sinorock self drilling rock bolt experience. We offer a long-term partnership with businesses supplying excellent sales, service and parts to meet the needs of your business.

2 months ago

Rock bolting has great supporting effect and ensures project’s security and long-term stability

Rock bolting  has great supporting effect and ensures project’s security and long-term stability.The self drilling rock bolt is unique anchoring system and fulfills current and increasing demands of the tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production. Sinorock self drilling rock bolt  is a reliable and convenient anchoring system which is applied in complicated geological conditions for rock support work. It is particularly applied in the following geological conditions, such as weathered rock, gravel layer, backfill, hard conglomerate, etc. The self drilling rock bolt system provides advantages for all areas of its applications, where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil.

Adopting self drilling rock bolt to reinforce water-conveying tunnel is the application of geotechnical engineering technology in the aspect of tunnel project, which transmits structures’ tension by using surrounding rocks’ shearing strength or keeps self-stability of excavation face.

The Sinorock self drilling anchor system is today’s solution for a fast and efficient anchoring system into virtually any type of soil.The system has historically been known as a “self drilling anchor bar” because the hollow fully-threaded bar serves as both the drill string and the grouted anchor, thus installation is performed in a single operation.

The thread form (similar for all diameters)of our hollow anchor bar is a unique feature that provides a lower thread pitch angle to provide easier coupling disengagement without “locking up”, than conventional rope threads during drilling operations.This thread form provides more surface area and thread/deformations per unit length for superior bond capabilities over that of competitive drill steel thread forms.


3 months ago

Self drilling anchor bolt is a flexible shoring system

Urban deep foundation excavations are generally surrounded with dense buildings. So their working space is very narrow, especially when they are close to the foundations of adjacent buildings or structures in construction. Many scholars, engineers and technicians have already worked a lot in the displacement-controlling design of deep foundation excavations recent years, however, difficulty remains to be solved in correlation among the retaining structures, soil deformation around the excavations and the displacements of adjacent structures.
Self drilling anchor bolt is a flexible shoring system and is constructed from top to the bottom in steps parallel to excavation.The main elements of the system are self drilling anchors, reinforced shotcrete surface cover and subhorizontal drains.The length and spacing of the self drilling anchors are variable depending on the depth of the excavation, environmental loads and soil conditions, etc.
In this self drilling anchor system, depending on the ground conditions after each excavation stage pre-shotconcrete is applied, followed by passive anchor drilling. Appropriate reinforcement is placed into the drill holes according to the design and the drill hole around the reinforcement is grouted with cement grout.
3 months ago

Sinorock - We concentrate our efforts on the special self-drilling hollow bolt markets

Sinorock - We concentrate our efforts on the special self-drilling hollow bolt markets and has become a steel merchant of good repute over the past 3 years.
Sinorock hollow anchor bolts are ideal for micropiles, soil nails, and tie down and tie back anchors in difficult ground conditions like weathered and decomposed rock, round gravel, sand and clay soils for either permanent or temporary use.
Sinorock supplies ground anchoring systems, for all forms of temporary and permanent works, and rapidly installed mini piles which have wide ranging applications.

Extensive lab and field testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of the hollow anchor bar in providing more efficient energy transfer, higher bit penetration rates, and longer thread life for both bit and rod.Sinorock hollow anchor bar is designed to increase drilling efficiency and to reduce operating costs for hard rock drilling and anchoring operations.
Due to superior reliability and extensive application,Sinorock hollow anchor bar .
3 months ago

sinorock takes great pride in making your rock bolts buying simple and fast

sinorock exports a wide range of rock bolts in accordance with the highest quality requirement of the engineering industry. we assure the highest quality and on-time delivery of rock bolts manufactured in china, enabling to progress your engineering projects worldwide.
in the process of several years of development, the products we make are widely used in tunneling project, mining exploration, hydro engineering projects and other infrastructure construction etc. many customers speak highly of our products and service. now our customers are distributed all over the world. this is credible reputation for an rock bolt supplier to some extent.
sinorock takes great pride in making your rock bolts buying simple and fast.we have many custom options avaiable for you in order to create a perfect order.
sinorock is your single source for your high quality rock bolt,we are committed to fulfilling your orders accurately and delivering them in the timeliest manner possible.
the goal to be the most professional rock bolt supplier has always been attached great importance.sinorock has several advanced rock bolt production lines, accessories processing equipment, and great research and development group. as an reliable rock bolt company, we have tensile testing machine 
to test the bar quality to guarantee all of the products delivered to customers are qualified. the standardized management system are our powerful guarantee and help us to produce excellent, energy-efficient and environmental rock bolts.

4 months ago

Sinorock has been playing vital role in supplying most of the rock bolt products

Ongoing development of faster, safer and more exotic tunnelling techniques places a constant pressure on manufacturers to provide more efficient rock support solutions which will help the shortening of cycle time. As ground conditions get more and more demanding, emphasis is placed on flexible and intelligent support systems in which rock and soil reinforcement is expected to contribute to the productivity and safety of the operation. The trend has been to provide rock support and reinforcement systems that are easy to install, assure efficiency and provide safety. For the last 10 years,Sinorock has been offering the rock bolt concept as a unique, safe and reliable system of rock support. 

Sinorock’s Rock Reinforcement Center in China brings together the skills necessary for the development of superior rock reinforcement products to serve the tunnelling, mining and construction industries worldwide. The combined product portfolio includes SDA anchors with all necessary accessories. The strategy to act as “The professional supplier of specific and complete solutions in rock and soil reinforcement” has paid off, and the effort to invent and commit ourselves to more productive solutions is stronger than ever.

Sinorock has been playing vital role in supplying most of the rock bolt products to major construction projects, mining,tunneling slope stabilization,foundation support . Our company is managed by professional , highly qualified management and technical teams with extensive knowledge and hands on experience with superior leadership skills. If given a chance, we would be very glad to serve your esteemed company in terms of supplying rock bolt products which are relevant and in range with competitive price.
4 months ago

The rock bolt system of Sinorock is recognized by most of engineers

Due to excellent quality, delivery performance, innovative management and perfect service system,the rock bolt system of Sinorock is recognized by most of engineers. When you’re in the middle of designing a project or implementing a new rock bolt system, it’s common to have questions.Sinorock can help you avoid mistakes and make efficient use of the time and resources you have at your disposal.

We take pride in our commitment to operational excellence, superior service and new product development that has guided the company through decades of growth by meeting the ever-changing needs of the commercial construction industry. Focusing on the needs of our end- users enables us to customize our product offering and service based on their requirements.

Over the past years,Sinorock has earned a reputation in the market based on its technical strength, performance, people skills working with the company in different rock bolt fields.Sinorock is an experienced manufacturer of rock bolt which has broad market and great reputation all over the world.Sinorock aims to be a global brand in the field of rock bolt.Because of our faith,Sinorock is going quickly at rock bolt field.So after several years’ exploration,Sinorock has occupied a central position in the global anchorage exportation market.
4 months ago

Sinorock makes and distributes a complete line of anchor bolt tools

Sinorock is focused on providing safe, efficient and cost effective anchor bolt support solutions to our mining and tunneling Clients.We offer an uncomplicated approach to anchoring problems and throughout our range you will find only the highest quality anchor bolt designed to work first time and provide positive anchoring solutions.

We make and distribute a complete line of anchor bolt tools, services, and accessories. Leading global tunneling, construction, mining, and foundation contractors trust us for optimum performance, even in the most challenging operating conditions.Breakthrough innovation, Superior products and services. Outstanding technical support. Genuine anchoring expertise. Delivery ultimate impact:Sinorock! 
“We’re always looking for the next best way to drill into the earth – and that ongoing search fuels my excitement,” Saied by our executive officer. 
And we follow the quality principles made by our customers;
Our customers define quality - we are here to meet their expectations and satisfy their needs.
Quality assurance is best achieved by preventing problems rather than correcting them after they are detected.

5 months ago

Self drilling anchor is mainly used for slope stabilization, foundation with micropiles

The technical characteristics of self drilling anchor system: its main part is a hollow bolt which can act as a drilling and grouting pipe together. Before grouting, the dust can also be blown after drilling; the hollow bolt can act as grouting channel, and the cement slurry eject through the drill bits, which makes self drilling anchor bonded tightly to the soil around. Hence, the purpose of reinforcing rock will be achieved finally.

Before drilling, the shank of the link rod is connected to the self drilling anchor and the drilling machine. With the bore rock drilled to the design depth, install the plate and nut, and the next progress is grouting. The size of the drill bits can control the size of the drilling holes. Generally speaking, the diameter of the drilling holes is about 2-3 times of the size of the drill bits. Because its rod can be cut freely, the self drilling anchor can not only be applied for railways, tunnels, slope reinforcement and other projects, and it is more suitable for ground subsidence, governance hole collapse, landslides and other geological disasters.

As an efficient anchoring method, self drilling anchor is mainly used for slope stabilization, foundation with micropiles and tunneling, it’s also widely used in the railway system, metro project, etc. It can be installed in sites with weak rocks, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and so difficult to create a hole in complex formation. The unconsolidated ground condition favor the self drilling anchor bar technique for fast and simple method of installed compared to the traditional method. In modern tunnelling, especially in subsidence-sensitive or urban areas, the usage of self-drilling pipe umbrella support is a widely and successfully adapted spacious pre-support system.
5 months ago

World-famous anchoring products in Sinorock-self drilling anchor bolts

Sinorock devotes to develop world-famous anchoring products,and it's advantageous subject in self drilling anchor bar area,which provides our global clients with professional drilling service and placing advice. 

Self drilling anchor bar of Sinorock - It has fully threaded rod sections since continuous thread ensures that rods can be cut and coupled at any point.It ensures the anchoring effect in complex ground conditions. It’s safe, reliable and efficient.This kind of product is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock,gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground.As a newer construction technology,Self drilling anchor bar of Sinorock is widely used in many fields.In return, it has won lots of praise from our various clients.

Self-drilling anchor bolts are available in a wide selection of sizes to best meet your requirements. We maintain a fully stocked inventory so that we always have the products you need, when you need them. Complete your construction project with the best tools from a company you can rely on to deliver quality parts. When you are looking for the best, consider Sinoorck to seamlessly handle all of your needs. If you are a concrete or masonry tradesman, our comprehensive selection of accessories, tools, and equipment will make completing your job much easier.
With the consistent effort of 3 years, not only does Sinorock owns the factories and laboratory but also has established strategic and cooperative partnership with a number of quality manufacturers . We can offer customer the most suitable solution based upon the exact  understanding of customers’ specific requirements, and wide range of actual performance test of our products under the rigorous quality control production and supplying system.
When application requirements call for performance that is not available from traditional designs and materials, Sinorock turns to its expertise in self drilling anchor bolt design and metallurgy to achieve a solution. Please contact us for assistance with your special purpose needs. 

Our products are of the highest quality, and our customer service is unparalleled - Your Satisfaction is guaranteed! Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us by e-mail or phone.